Covid 19 update 7/1/2020 North Pole Closed

We would first of all like to say the biggest most heartfelt thank you to everyone for your support and kind words as we navigate this difficult time. We have had a lot of questions so we would like to clear a few things up:

  1. The order to not operate our rides came from the Colorado State Health Department. The confusion was that we were open under the Outdoor Recreation guidelines. Since the state hasn't been working directly with smaller businesses like ours it has been up to us to figure out where we fit into the states reopening plan. In the El Paso County Variance we were listed as an outdoor attraction. We were open but working with El Paso County public health to fine tune our safety plan- as stated in the states guidelines.
  2. Yesterday the state came out and said we were not able to operate our rides. This came as a surprise because all over Colorado other parks with amusement rides that are licensed the same way as ours are open. To be clear we support all other parks that are following the safety plans and responsible guidelines for reopening. We ourselves are more than willing to adhere to every safety measure put in place.
  3. Because of this decision we have temporarily closed so we can appeal this and get some clarification as to why this has happened. In truth we do feel like we should be allowed to open as long as we follow the safety guidelines all other businesses are asked to put in place. We don't understand why Mountain Adventure Parks can operate and we cannot. Their amusement rides are licensed the same way as ours are. We see a fraction of the amount of guests that these parks do, and we can encourage social distancing and clean touchpoints throughout the park just the same way they can.
  4. We are heartbroken over this decision. Santa's helpers are heartbroken over this decision. We are going to try hard every day to try and find a way to reopen. We are a small family owned business and this closure is absolutely devastating for so many reasons. If you are a North Pole Pass holder we will be developing a plan to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our ability if this becomes an extended closure.
  5. We love all of you and miss all of you dearly. We hope to be able to reopen for you soon and bring back the smiles and magic of the mountains and Christmas.

North Pole is CLOSED.