Santa's Post Office

Want your Christmas cards and letters postmarked from the North Pole? You've found the right place. We offer this service to any interested party.

 We do have a few stipulations

  1. We do not accept red envelopes (our cancellation is red).
  2. We do not accept envelopes that have had sealing wax applied as we cannot process them in our machines.
  3. We do our mass Santa letter mailing on December 1. We request a letter request no later than the December 10.
  4. We prefer you to pay us for the postage and not add your own stamps. You may include a check for .55¢ per letter/card made out to Santa’s Workshop. There are no other charges for this service.

Most customers send their mail to us thru UPS or FedEx. Our physical address is:

Santa’s Workshop
5050 Pikes Peak Highway
Cascade, CO 80809

Please do NOT send in .55¢ postage when a child is writing to Santa. They will automatically be sent a postcard from Santa. Make sure name and address are legible.