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Visit Sants's House and Santa Himself?

Christmas is not his only busy time. Santa is in his house when the park is open....although he does take a lunch break around 12:30 for a half an hour. It seems best to visit Santa early, therefore you can avoid standing in long lines.

Santa’s helpers will be glad to take a digital picture with you. We have a wide variety of photo packages to choose from. A picture with Santa is a memento to cherish forever.

Boys and girls have been visiting and writing to Santa for many, many years. He always delights in these visits and letters (he also enjoys taking time away from supervising his elves.) As we know Santa has a busy schedule all year long.

Be sure to visit Santa in his house while at the North Pole, Colorado. It's one of the funnest things to do near Colorado Springs on your vacation or just passing through.

Visit Sants's House and Santa Himself?

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